History of Community Names

Flat Lick

Flat Lick is one of Knox County's oldest communities. It is listed on Knox County records as early as 1784. It was named Flat Lick because of the large area of flat land that was located around a salt lick. Animals often visited this area to lick the salt.
-- Jakalyn Jackson

Stinking Creek

The name Stinking Creek derived from the odor of decaying animals that had been killed by hunters.
-- Jakalyn Jackson

Fighting Creek

Indian tribes from the north ranged south and the trives from the south ranged north into the happy hunting grounds in eastern Kentucky. They often clashed in the area near Barbourville. Their migration west from Virginia, North Carolina, etc., had to come through Cumberland Gap. The Scotch and Irish clans were reluctant to lear the mountains because they reminded them of their homeland. They moved north and south and lived at the foothills. They became embroiled with the Indians over hunting grounds which resulted in many fights in this area. Also, two families by the names of Payne and Mills enjoyed bare knuckle fighting and slap jack. Slap jack was when two people held hands and used a switch to hit each other until one hollered "uncle". If anyone was itching for a fight all he had to do was look up one of these families and his search was over.
-- William G. Martin


Charles F. Heidrick in 1917 built a railroad from Highland Park near Barbourville, Kentucky to Manchester in Clay County. When a post office was established at Highland Park it was given the name Heidrick in honor of Mr. Heidrick.
-- William G. Martin

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